Highest Storage Density and Data Throughput at a Fraction of the Cost

Accessing your mission-critical data quickly is more important than ever. Customers require a cost-effective storage solution that is not only fast, but also maximizes valuable data center floor-space. Wombat Data's WD9001 storage server addresses these requirements by offering 90TB of storage in only 4U of rack space. With its aggressive pricing, the WD9001 is your best storage solution at a fraction of the space and cost of competing solutions.

We founded Wombat Data after realizing there were too many overpriced storage solutions, and virtually no affordable ones. Let Wombat be your affordable solution for data storage and backup. Trust the wombat!

Wombat Dataserver specs:

4U rack-mounted Linux-based server
Intel Processor and Motherboard
6 fans
2 Power supplies
45 Seagate hard drives - 2 TB each, hot swappable
Runs JFS filesystem in 64-bit Debian 4 Linux
Can be configured to run other types of software per client preference
Raid 6 for maximum data security
Server has its own IP address, accessible through https